Buying Guide: Best Lineman Boots (2022)

By Dimi | Men's

pole climbing lineman boots

Anybody who works as a lineman knows the importance of getting the most suitable, comfortable, safe and durable pole climbing boots. If you are just starting as a lineman, or if you are not sure which types of lineman boots to buy, we have made a top choice compilation for you.


Our Picks of Best Lineman Boots in 2022

La Sportiva Makalu
4.6 out of 5 stars
Danner Quarry Logger
4.9 out of 5 stars
Wesco Highliner 16-inch
4.6 out of 5 stars
Whites 400VLTT Smoke Jumper
4.9 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
HOFFMAN Composite Toe PowerLine
4.7 out of 5 stars
*our rating is based on comfort, value and performance


La Sportiva Makalu Mountaineering Boot

Makalu by La Sportiva
The Makalu lineman boots have all the necessary characteristics of the best pole climbing boots, such as:

  • The upper is breathable and yet fully water resistant and repellant
  • They feature a full steel shank for easy crampon to the pole and easier and safer climbing
  • They have efficient moisture wicking lining, which keeps the feet dry and cool
  • Strong steel roller ball eyelets for easy and safe lacing
  • Lightweight and yet sturdy
  • Cushioning from the extra air cushioned midsole
  • Good price for the quality and sturdiness of these boots

The La Sportiva boots have all the necessary features required for good pole climbing boots: durability, water resistance, light weight, reliable traction and a have moisture wicking and breathable properties.
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Danner Men’s Quarry Logger Work Boot

Quarry Logger GTX by Danner
The Quarry Logger USA is among our top choices for best lineman boots because it incorporates all the features which are necessary to make a pair of boots great for pole climbers, including:

  • The 10” durable upper featuring the signature Danner stitch down
  • Made in the USA
  • Water resistant but breathable upper
  • A Vibram lug outsole featuring a lug design for excellent traction and edging capabilities
  • The cushioned Polyurethane midsole and fatigue-fighting footbed
  • Easy and secure lacing system
  • Very little break-in required

These boots by Danner are a perfect solution for old and new linemen. They combine great durability with comfort, perfect traction with the fact that they are water proof, comfortable, breathable and with excellent moisture wicking characteristics.
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Wesco Highliner 16″ Work Boot Black 9716100

Highliner by Wesco
These boots are designed and made especially for people in the lineman business. This makes it only natural that they have all the necessary characteristics to make it into our top choice list. Here are some of the features we love about these Highliner boots:

  • Made in the USA, guaranteed high quality
  • Full and reliable water resistance
  • They feature a Vibram outsole with a lugged design for superb traction and easy pole climbing
  • Supportive and comfortable 16” upper made of oil tanned leather for easy break in and durability
  • Metal heel and side plates, steel shanks for extra support and safer and more efficient climbing
  • Easy and secure lacing via the strong brass eyelets
  • Moisture wicking footbed
  • Cushioned and supportive midsole

All in all, these US made boots are definitely among our favorites for the best pole climbing boots, because they have excellent traction, high quality, durability, they are water resistant and offer superb comfort and make pole climbing easier and safer.
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White’s Boots Men’s 400VLTT Smoke Jumper Lace To Toe Boot

400VLTT by Whites Boots
These great boots were designed and made for wild land firefighters but they make excellent linemen boots as well. Here are those qualities which make them perfect for pole climbers:

  • They are 100% water resistant, heat and oil resistant as well
  • They are exceptionally durable and can be rebuilt, which makes them almost indestructible
  • The lugged Vibram outsoles are fully slip resistant
  • Great foot and arch support
  • The upper is breathable and oil tanned for easier and quicker break in
  • They are made in the USA, and have guaranteed quality
  • Easy and secure lacing

These Smoke Jumper boots feature all characteristics to look for in lineman boots, including: water resistance, durability, excellent traction, breathability and comfort.
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HOFFMAN BOOTS 10″ Composite Toe Dri-Line

HOFFMAN All Leather PL Made especially for linemen, the All Leather powerline boots by Hoffman have found their place in our top list for the best pole climbing boots, because of the following characteristics they have:

  • Durable leather upper
  • The patented Hoffman double steel shank system for improved traction and added support when climbing poles
  • Water resistant, and moisture wicking liners
  • Added support by the midsole
  • Vibram lugged outsole, which is completely rebuildable

In conclusion, we must say that these Hoffman boots are perfect for any lineman. They are available in different widths, made of high quality materials, they are durable and rebuildable. These boots are water resistant, comfortable and most importantly will make climbing poles easier and safer.
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HOFFMAN BOOTS Men’s 10″ Powerline

HOFFMAN Composite Toe PLThe EH composite toe boots from Hoffman too are designed for linemen. They have the following features which made a strong impression on us:

  • The leather and Cordura upper is very comfortable, durable and breathable
  • The Hoffman dual steel shank system which supports the feet and makes pole climbing safe and easy
  • The water resistant liners
  • The electric hazard and lightweight composite safety toe protection

We definitely like these boots as lineman boots, because they are very comfortable, light and yet have EH and toe protection, and most importantly offer excellent traction and support for pole climbing.
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HOFFMAN BOOTS Pull Up Lineman boots

HOFFMAN pull up lineman bootsThese Hoffman lineman boots are steel toe and are a superb choice for people who make a living as linemen. Here is what we liked in them:

  • Lightweight, comfortable and breathable Cordura and leather uppers
  • The safety steel toe
  • The fact that they are slip-ons – easy to slip on and off
  • The Hoffman double steel shank system they feature which provides added support, traction and makes climbing poles much safer and easier
  • The liners are water resistant

If you are looking for pull on lineman boots, this is a pair you should definitely try on. They are easy to slip on, and yet provide the necessary stability and safety when climbing poles. They are durable, comfortable and water resistant.
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What characteristics to look for

When choosing the best lineman boots, look for the following crucial characteristics:

  • Comfort – to be able to feel well and do your job properly, you need comfortable boots, with the appropriate support, cushioning and support.
  • Durability – since most work boots for linemen are quite expensive, make sure you choose the higher quality boots, even if their price is higher too. It is a long-term investment.
  • Safety and excellent traction for pole climbing – this feature can save your life, or at least it will make your job much easier and safer.
  • Water resistance – you should be able to wear the boots in all kinds of weather, rain or shine.
  • Moisture wicking footbeds or liners – you want your feet to stay dry, cool and comfy during the long and strenuous work hours
  • Easy and quick break-in – this is an option which can save you long and painful breaking in
  • Price – try to choose the best quality boots for your budget.