Best Shoes for Flat Feet – Buying Guide with In-depth Reviews

By Dimi | Men's

If you have flat feet, then don’t feel alone, because only in the US, one of every four people has flat feet, so it is a pretty common condition. Flat feet are either having a collapsed arch or a very low arch, which is crucial for standing, walking and running, because of the lessened shock absorption which the normal arches normally provide.

The arches help keep a normal posture, and with low arches the stress on the hip joint is much bigger, and could lead to some mild to serious hip conditions if left untreated.

Overall, the lack of shock absorption leads to increased stress to the heels, toes and legs, and can lead to pronation and subsequent injuries and heel, leg and body pains.

But fear not! This common problem can easily be corrected with the right pair of shoes for the right activity!


The Right Type of Footwear Can Help With Your Flat Feet

Wearing the appropriate shoes can certainly help people with flat feet. In fact, some studies associate wearing unsuitable shoes with not developing foot arches and with overpronation. So, it is crucial that you always strive to get the best shoes for your arch type and movement type.

The best shoes will quickly alleviate any heel or leg pain and will reduce the risk of injury, fatigue and stress on the heels and the legs from all that lack of shock absorption and from the over pronation.

Remember that even if you have found the perfectly comfortable shoes for your flat feet, shoes do get worn out and old with time and the older they get, the lesser support and stability they will provide. This is why, it is crucial to avoid wearing worn out shoes, and keep in mind that 300 miles is the average life of running shoes, for example.

How to Choose the Right Shoes for Flat Feet

The shoes which are suitable for people with collapsed or low arches are:

  • Support shoes which give added support to the arches and thus help the shock absorption and relieve the stress on the feet and legs.
  • Stability shoes which help keep the feet from pronating, which is often the case with people who have flat feet. Unfortunately collapsed arches often make people pronate which can lead to ankle rolling and other injuries, as well as stress and injuries to the other joints in the foot and leg. Stability shoes help control the pronation and reduce these risks.
  • Shoes with motion control are suitable for people with serious pronation. They are more supportive than the stability shoes and have an added ankle support to help keep it straight when walking or running in order to prevent pronation. This is usually done via a special dual density foam medial post on the medial side of the shoe arches, which can extend through the entire heel

When you are in a quest for the best shoes for your wide feet, you should look for a number of features in these shoes, and keep them in mind, so that you get a proper pair of shoes to help reduce the soreness in your feet and the risk of injury.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

  • If the shoe is too easy to twist and torque, then it will not provide the proper arch support you need. What you need are shoes which don’t have bendy soles, but rather bend only at the toes, and not in the middle
  • Whether the heel of the shoe is stiff is important too. If the heel is rigid, then the shoe provides proper support for the heel which is also essential for flat feet.
  • Whether the shoe provides sufficient arch support is also very important when shopping for shoes for collapsed arches. This is necessary, so that the weight of the body is distributed evenly and the stress and pressure on the arches are relieved too.
  • What activity are you going to wear the shoe for? There is a difference between walking, running, and standing or spending hours in hazardous conditions, so make sure you are buying running shoes for running, walking shoes for walking, work boots for work, dress shoes for formal events, etc.

So, in general you should be looking for stiffer shoes which help control pronation and which have sufficient arch support.

But don’t worry – the fact that a shoe is stiff doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to be uncomfortable. Quite the opposite, the modern shoe producers use sufficient cushioning, padding and all sorts of technologies and materials to make the shoes feel better and softer.

If you wear special orthotics, make sure the shoes you choose have removable footbeds or are wide and spacey enough to fit them in comfortably.

In order to find the best shoes for your flat feet, you should go try them on, even if you plan to later order them online. It is recommended that you turn to an experienced and trusted shoes salesman for advice, and always try out several different models from several different brands.

Through years of research and trial and error, we have learned to recognize which shoes are best for people with flat feet, so now we would like to present you with our objective reviews of the top shoes for collapsed arches for 2020, which could help you make a better choice for yourself!

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 Running Shoe

These are one of our favorite running shoes for ladies who have collapsed or low arches. They encompass all the features which running shoes for flat feet must have, including:

  • The built in support system for the arch
  • The new U4iC midsole Strobel board which brings even more cushioning and shock absorption than the predecessors of this shoe
  • The increased stability, improved upper comfort and much more balanced feeling ride than the preceding models
  • The upper has a soft and yet supportive fit
  • The blown rubber on the forefront increases the durability and softness of these shoes
  • The 12 mm ramp
  • The various widths it is available in

New Balance 940V2

This is a great stability shoe which is specifically designed and made by NB for overpronators. It is great for people who have low or flat feet but enjoy running and competing too. The main features which we like the most about the 940V2 are:

  • New Balance has produced it for mild to severe overpronators
  • The midfoot T-Beam torsional stability which keeps the feet aligned
  • The Stabilcore technology for guiding the foot heel-to-toe
  • The amazing N2 cushioning which is low to the ground and provides great comfort and shock absorption
  • The 12 mm drop from heel to toe
  • A durable blown rubber outsole
  • Very comfortable and yet well-fitting breathable mesh upper
  • Medicare reimbursable/Diabetic shoe
  • The Ortholite Anti-microbial footbed
  • Wide toe box which can fit orthotics and is also comfortable for bunions

These are excellent cross training shoes for flat feet. Remember, it is extremely important that your shoes are specifically for your foot type and the activity you are to engage in (running, walking, workout). So, we have dedicated an entire section to the top CrossFit shoes for men and women. make sure to check it out.

ASICS Gel Kayano 22

These running shoes from ASICS are possibly the leading shoes for 2020 for people who have flat feet. The reasons are so many, but here are the main ones:

  • The amazing new FluidRide midsole technology which allows for 20% more bounceback and 10% lighter
  • Great arch support and cushioning
  • The superb shock absorption provided by the GEL cushioning system in the rearfoot and the forefoot which is very suitable for endurance running and long runs
  • The Impact Guidance System which helps guide the foot to stay in a natural gait
  • The seamless FluidFit upper which stretches multi-directionally and fits like a glove and yet provides all the support and stability necessary while running, and breathable mesh overlays
  • A heel clutching exoskeletal heel counter system
  • Great for mild to moderate overpronators

Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

Orthaheel Walker Shoe

These walking shoes are simply perfect if you suffer from collapsed or low arches or foot pain. The shoes are especially designed to provide ultimate comfort and pain treatment, which is why we have picked them among our top choices. But the rest of the features which we would like to point out to you about these shoes are:

  • The podiatrist designed orthotic footbed which has been made to keep the feet aligned and to support them at all times
  • The EVA midsole which is lightweight and flexible and successfully absorbs the shock and thus reduces the pressure and stress on the feet and legs when walking
  • The quite sturdy heel counter for support
  • The firm midfoot shank for some added support
  • The fact that it has been clinically proven that they help control overpronation and relieve plantar fasciitis, and a number of foot and leg conditions
  • These shoes are recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association and Dr. Andrew Weil – a leading wellness expert and MD

New Balance M1340 Optimal Control Shoe

As its name suggests, this shoe is an optimal control one. Apart from the fact that it looks great, it is also a superb choice for men and women with flat feet. Look at the reasons why:

  • The extended web technology which provides additional arch and midfoot support, added stability as well as average pronation control
  • The N2 cushioning system
  • A wide toe box which allows you to use your own orthotics, or simply to have more space for spreading the toes when walking
  • The forefoot has ABZORB cushioning
  • The insert is from multi density polyurethane and provides extra support, cushioning and flexibility
  • The blown rubber outsole is durable and has impressive traction
  • The tongue and collar are padded for further comfort and support
  • The heel-to-toe drop is 10mm
  • Eligible for Medicare reimbursement

Saucony Grid Omni Walker Walking Shoe

Another very comfortable pair of shoes for men who have collapsed arches, these stability walking shoes impressed us with the following characteristics:

  • The fabulous arch support resulting from the EVA molded midsole and the midfoot support bridge which provides excellent shock absorption and reduces the fatigue and stress on the feet and legs
  • The biomechanical fit provided by the asymmetric sole
  • The smooth heel-to-toe transition due to the patented Walk Trac outsole
  • A grid system in the rearfoot for foot stability, traction control and cushioning and a total heel-centered stability
  • The HRC Strobel board for added comfort while walking
  • The wide and comfortable toe box
  • The offset of 12mm
  • The full-grain, comfortable upper
  • The true to the size factor

Best Dress Shoes for Flat Feet

Aerosoles Women’s Beckon Ballet Flat

Even though you may think that flat ballet pumps are the most unsuitable shoe for ladies with flat feet, this is not the case with these shoes. They make a strong impression of being pretty dress shoes, and at the same time provide the arch support and cushioning which women with flat feet need in order to prevent soreness and injury. Here are some of the features we like about these cute pumps:

  • The plush cushioning and the classic Aerosoles core comfort
  • The memory footbed which is so soft
  • The double padded, memory outsole and the diamond flex rubber soles which disperse friction with every step you take
  • The memory foam padded insole which provides the arch support and cushioning necessary to keep your flat feet comfortable all day long
  • The wide and comfy upper which can fit your own insole
  • The pretty looks
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Dyeables Women’s Brielle Ankle-Strap Sandal

Brides with flat feet want to feel beautiful on their wedding day too right? Well, these sandals are the perfect pair of shoes to get for your wedding, prom, or other formal event and you won’t need to worry that your feet are going to be sore and tired in a matter of hours!
Here is what impressed us with these shoes:

  • The elegant look even though the heel is only 1 ¾”
  • The adjustable strap with a buckle
  • The satin variant is dyeable, and there are colored and metallic leather upper versions available
  • The fact that they are dressy and yet comfortable
  • The nice padded footbed which will keep your flat feet comfy, so you can enjoy dancing all night
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Clarks Women’s Rosalyn Wren Pump

We love these Mary Jane shoes from the Artizan collection by Clarks. A perfect combination between elegance and comfort, we strongly urge the ladies with collapsed arches to consider getting a pair of these because they have the following nice characteristics:

  • A stable heel of approximately 2 inches
  • An Ortholite footbed with sufficient cushioning
  • A Cushion plus dual density midsole system which maximizes support for the arches and stability for the feet
  • Great rubber outsoles with excellent traction
  • The fact that no break-in is required
  • The high quality provided by Clarks
  • The pretty look of this shoe suitable for work or for leisure time
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ECCO Men’s Holton Apron Toe Oxford

These men’s dress shoes are absolutely beautiful and elegant. You can wear them to work, to formal events, and even to your wedding! Don’t worry, even though they look so narrow and stylish, they provide all the comfort your flat feet need!

Here is some more about these great shoes from ECCO:

  • The uppers are made of rich and soft leather
  • They feature ECCO’s comfortable shank technology
  • The insole is covered with soft leather and is odor resistant and moisture absorbing
  • The outsoles are comfortable and cushioned – they are direct injected with PU, and have TPU inserts
  • The heels have shock points to absorb the shock and keep the feet stable
  • The apron toe overlay adds to the comfort
  • They are quite wide

Things to be warned about:

  • They tend to run a size larger
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Bostonian Men’s Maynor Free Slip-On Loafer

These Bostonian loafers offer the perfect combination of an easy-going dress shoe and comfort. They look great, and are very suitable for men with low arches or flat feet because of the following factors:

  • The uppers are made of soft leather and offer a nice and spacy fit
  • The collars are padded
  • The footbeds are cushioned and removable, so you can use your own orthotics or insoles
  • The slip-on feature is made even more comfortable by the double gores on the sides, there is no fastening so even the widest feet will feel great in these loafers
  • The PU soles are flexible, cushioned and offer great shock absorption and stability
  • The heels are 0.5 inches high
  • They come at a great price for the quality offered
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Clarks Men’s Cushox Step Slip-On Loafer

This elegant loafer is one of the most comfortable shoes for flat feet that can be found on the market. I is designed and made with some amazing features, such as:

  • The uppers are made of soft, full grain genuine leather
  • It has cow full grain lining and sockliner
  • The removable footbed is latex and soft, but you can use your own orthotics in this comfortably wide shoe. Plus it is breathable, odor resistant and can maintain a nice temperature inside at all times
  • The TR outsole offers great durability and traction, as well as shock absorption and cushioning
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • The steel shank to keep the foot stable and aligned
  • The padded collar keeps the ankle cushioned and supported
  • The elastic gores make the upper even more comfortable, easy to slip on and off, and to fit even the widest of feet
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Best Sandals and Flip Flops for Flat Feet

OluKai Ohana Sandal

These classic OluKai flip-flops are perfect for men and women who have flat feet for a number of reasons. Here are some of them:

  • They are designed and made by the company’s “wet sand” comfort principle – in other words to make the feet feel like you are standing and walking on wet sand at all times
  • They have special anatomically contoured drop in footbeds from ICEVA which provide arch support as well as the natural contours and alignment of the feet
  • Their midsoles are from compression molded EVA
  • Their wide toe space allows for the toe to spread comfortably, even if you have wide feet
  • Their heel cups keep the heels locked in place and help prevent pronation and provide shock absorption, arch support and overall comfort
  • They are true to their size
  • Their toe posts are soft and will not cause painful rubbing and blistering

Vionic Unisex Wave Toe Post Sandal

We recommend these great looking flip-flops to both men and women who have collapsed arches and overpronation. These are some of the reasons why you should consider buying them:

  • They are unisex
  • Their biomechanically designed Orthaheel technology is made so as to hold the arches of your feet and to comfortably support the feet – very helpful for plantar fasciitis or low or flat feet
  • Their shock absorbing and cushioning EVA midsoles have medium density and are flexible and yet very efficient in reducing the shock and stress on the feet and legs
  • Their outsole is constructed from TRP and is very durable, plus it offers great traction, so you can walk around the pool without fear of slipping
  • The uppers are soft and padded and jersey-lined
  • They have received APMA’s Seal of Acceptance, as well as recommendations by Dr. Andrew Weil – the famous wellness MD
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Spenco Yumi Sandal Flip-Flop

Just like all footwear made by Spenco, these flip-flops make no exception and has the famous Total Support insoles which offer Orthotic-grade support for the arches, which is one of the main reasons why they are so suitable for people with flat feet. Here are some of the other reasons why you should buy a pair of these great flip-flops:

  • As part of the Total Support patented contour, the heel cups are deep and keep the heels stable and aligned, their arches supported and the shock absorbed
  • They have very comfortable metatarsal domes
  • They feature zero-drop heel-to-toe lift for maximum comfort
  • Their forefoot area is comfortably cushioned
  • The outsoles are light, non-marking, non-slip and made of two parts
  • Their footbeds feature the Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial and odor resistant treatment
  • They have received an APMA Seal of Acceptance

Best Work Shoes for Flat Feet

Clarks Women’s Ashland Glow Flat

Finding the most comfortable work shoes when you have flat feet is crucial, in order to feel well and safe throughout the day when at work, and to prevent injuries, soreness and stress in your feet and legs. Here is why we would like to introduce you to these lovely slip on shoes from Clarks:

  • Easy slip on and off, very comfortable and wide leather upper which has elastic goring to make it feel comfortable even for ladies with very wide feet
  • An Ortholite footbed which provides very soft cushioning and comfort
  • The heel and collar are padded for extra cushioning and stability for the ankles and heels
  • The heel is very comfortable and only 1.25”
  • The outsole is rubber and provides excellent traction plus it is very durable
  • The shoes are true to size and require no break-in time
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These sandals are great because they are suitable both for work as well as for your leisure time, and at all times they will provide you with the necessary comfort, support, shock absorption and cushioning you need because of your flat feet. Here are some of the features we like about these shoes:

  • They are completely adjustable, due to the instep and back straps with hook and loop closures, so they can accommodate even the widest feet in the front while stay nice and tight in the back
  • They have side panels for added support for the heels, in order to keep them in place and aligned
  • Their footbeds are removable and made of Scandinavian cork and latex, covered with plush suede which actually molds into the shape of the foot
  • These sandals are of very high quality
  • The soles are made of polyurethane and are light and durable as well
  • The heels are 1.25” and the platforms about 0.5”
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Cobb Hill Women’s Pearl-Ch Mary Jane Flat

These very pretty Mary Jane shoes are suitable for ladies who suffer from collapsed arches and want to look and feel comfortable when at work or running their everyday errands.
We recommend them because of the following features:

  • The upper is adjustable so it is roomy and comfortable
  • The EVA and memory foam insole provides sufficient cushioning, arch support and shock absorption. It is covered with a fabric lining which provides further softness and breathability
  • The EVA outsole is durable and provides further shock absorption and excellent traction
  • The heel is only 1 inch
  • The entire shoes are very light, flexible and comfortable, and come in a variety of widths
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Skechers Cottonwood Goddard Twin Gore Slip On

These shoes will allow you to stay comfortable and safe during work, and at the same time look great. They are suitable for men who have flat feet and want to prevent the soreness and possible injuries while working. Here are our favorite things about these shoes from Sketchers:

  • Easy slip on and off and an extremely comfortable smooth leather upper with added elastic fabric panels for further adjustment of the size and fit
  • A nice round and wide toe box for added comfort
  • The patented RelaxedFit design of these shoes
  • A removable memory foam insole which provides great cushioning
  • The supportive and shock resistant midsole
  • The soft fabric lining
  • The 1 inch built-in heel
  • The fact that the outsoles are OSHA slip resistance compliant and ASTM oil and slip resistant tested as well as electric hazard tested
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KEEN Men’s Citizen Low WP Shoe

These excellent shoes by KEEN are one of our favorite shoes for work suitable for men with flat feet. There are many reasons why we are recommending these USA made shoes, but here are some of the highlights:

  • The shoes have an anatomically engineered support mechanism which offers perfect arch support and keeps the natural contours of the foot, which is perfect for those of you with flat feet
  • The further cushioning is provided by the removable EVA molded footbed
  • The upper is made of high quality, full-grain waterproof leather
  • The shoes are fitted with the patented KEEN waterproof membrane to keep any water from entering, and is breathable at the same time
  • The outsole is directly attached which allows for superior bonding and durability of the shoe
  • The lining is moisture wicking
  • The great ankle support
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Dansko Men’s Wil Clog

These clogs from Dansko once again prove that this is one of the leading companies for the production of comfortable clogs and shoes for work. This model is particularly suitable for men who have flat feet and spend a lot of time on their feet.
Here are some of the standout features of these comfy clogs:

  • Easy on and off design
  • A PU midsole for additional cushioning, shock absorption and support
  • Stability and heel support is provided via the ¾ tuckboard featuring a riveted shank construction
  • A triple-density EVA footbed with sufficient arch support, which is removable, so you can use your own orthotics
  • Smooth and rich waterproof leather uppers and a soft leather sock lining
  • A slip resistant and durable rubber outsole
  • Wide and spacy toe box for wide feet and for comfortable toe spreading
  • APMA Seal of Acceptance received
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Best Slippers for Flat Feet

Vionic slippers

These Vionic slippers are definitely suitable for people who have flat feet. We can recommend them highly because we are sure that you will like the following features they have:

  • A biomechanical orthotic footbed designed by podiatrists, which features a deep heel cup to keep the feet stable and aligned at all times
  • An easy slip on and off style
  • The light and flexible EVA midsole which provides great shock absorption and helps reduce the soreness and stress on the feet, knees and ankles even after a long day at work
  • Adjustable fit with a hook and loop closure
  • A very soft upper and footbed for a plush feeling
  • A wave patterned rubber outsole which provides excellent traction on various surfaces
  • APMA Seal of Acceptance, helps relieve foot and leg pain which is associated with flat feet and overpronation

Spenco Supreme Slide

If you suffer from heel pain, plantar fasciitis or can’t walk on the hard floors at home because of your flat feet, these slippers are the right ones for you! They are full of features which will help you cope with the soreness and the injuries which are often caused by collapsed arches and overpronation. Here is what we like:

  • The patented Total Support contoured footbed which keeps the heel in place and aligned and supported
  • The light compression molded EVA footbed
  • The further comfort provided by the zero-drop heel-to-toe lift
  • The cushioned forefoot for shock absorption and comfort
  • The outsole which is two-part and very light and non-slip
  • The premium soft suede uppers combined with the faux shearling collars
  • The fact that they have be awarded with APMA Seal of Acceptance for relieving foot and leg pain
  • The anti-microbial and odor-resistant treatment of the footbeds

Orthofeet Slippers

Both men and women with flat feet will love the feeling when they put on these Orthofeet slippers. What makes them so special and so suitable for resolving issues with collapsed arches is:

  • The multi-layered orthotic insoles which provide sufficient arch support and also has a Gel padded heel for helping with pain caused by spurs or plantar fasciitis, and great for providing support for flat feet and helps avoid overpronation
  • The light and yet cushioned Ergonomic-Stride sole design which help make stepping easy and enhances the motion of the feet, so that the stress on the joints are alleviated
  • The non-binding upper which has very soft and smooth lining further padded with foam, so that absolutely no pressure is put on a single spot of your feet while wearing these slippers
  • The roomy upper is suitable for wide feet, bunions and many other painful foot conditions
  • The biomechanical design which is designed to reduce and eliminate a vast number of painful foot and leg conditions

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

adidas Performance Barricade Tennis Shoe

One of the top choices for the best tennis shoes for flat feet both for men and for women, the Barricade shoes are stylish, sporty and ultra-comfortable at the same time. The unique midfoot chassis which makes the design of these sneakers so stunning provides amazing support, stability and durability. Actually, it could be that the design captures our attention so much that it is by Stella McCartney.
But anyway, here is what else makes these shoes so special:

  • This version of the Barricade requires no break-in unlike most previous versions
  • Has unprecedented arch and foot support and stability due to the lightweight TPU heel stabilizer, which keeps the feet aligned and in place all the time
  • The cushioning is ultra-responsive and is provided by adiPRENE and foam, which helps improve shock absorption and reduce the stress on the feet and legs
  • The mesh upper is softer and more flexible than ever, but this doesn’t affect the stability of the shoes, it just improves their overall comfort
  • The Adiwear technology help improve the durability of the outsole
  • The comfortable, spacy toe box

K-Swiss Men’s Classic VN

If you want great tennis shoes to help you stay active and feel great even if you have flat feet, then these iconic US shoes are the ones for you!
Here is why:

  • The IMEVA midsole
  • The Die-cut sock liner from EVA
  • The molded rubber outsole
  • The soft textile collar lining
  • The adjustable D-ring lace closure
  • The durable, thick and textured outsole which is durable, non-marking and provides excellent traction

Wrapping It Up

So, hopefully we were able to help you choose the shoes you need for your flat feet, or at least the features you need to be looking for when shopping for the most comfortable shoes for collapsed arches.

Good luck, and remember to always choose the shoes in accordance to the activities you are planning to wear them for. After all, the big shoe manufacturers have spent year and are spending millions on research and design of the best shoes for different activities and for different types of arches and movements, so you better take advantage of all the experience and expertise.

Plus, getting the right shoes for the right activity will improve your performance and your mood, because you will not feel that nagging soreness and pain from wearing unsuitable shoes. So, go ahead and get the bets shoes to help you deal with those flat feet!