How to Clean or Wash Your Running Shoes Properly?

By Dimi | Tips

how to clean running shoes manually

How to clean running shoes manually

If you are a daily or regular runner, it is very likely that you encounter some muddy and wet conditions as well as good and dry ones. This means that your running shoes probably get muddy and dirty as well.

Of course, this is perfectly normal, but good maintenance of your sneakers will not only keep them looking well, but will prolong their longevity.

You need to adhere to the instructions for safely cleaning, washing and maintenance of running shoes, so that you don’t risk ruining them though.

To manually clean your trainers safely and efficiently, you need to follow the following steps:

Firstly remove the insoles so that you can wash them separately. This will allow for better washing and will make both insoles and running shoes smell and feel cleaner and fresher.

Remove any chunks of mud or other dirt with the help of an old toothbrush dipped in some mild dishwashing or anti grease soap and water. Avoid soaking the shoes entirely in water.

When you are done, use a damp cloth to clean the shoes and let them dry naturally.

Do not place the washed shoe near a heat source, on a radiator or use a hairdryer. This can ruin them and cause them to become irreversibly deformed.

Help the shoes dry naturally outdoors by stuffing them with kitchen paper, paper towels or newspaper balls, and changing them periodically with dry ones.

The average running shoes should be completely dry in 12 hours, which is why you may need to get another pair to interchange, especially during the rainy and snowy seasons.

Avoid washing your sneakers too often, because you will cause them to wear out quicker than they are supposed to.

In order to keep your inner shoes fresh and hygienic, all you need to do is to make sure you wash the insole or sockliner after every run, or at least once in every few runs.

The footbeds or sockliners should be washed with warm water and some mild detergent. After washing them, make sure that they are completely dry before placing them back into the shoes.

If the insoles still have an unpleasant odor even after the washing, you can sprinkle them with baking soda, or some essential oils, which will naturally take care of the nasty smell.

How to wash running or tennis shoes in washing machine

If the manufacturer of your trainers hasn’t ruled out washing machine washing, then you can periodically wash them, but with the following instructions in mind:

Remove as much mud, grit and grass from the shoes, including the outsoles before sticking them in your washing machine. You don’t want your machine to get clogged up, right? Use a brush, a toothbrush, a cloth, as well as some detergent if necessary.

If the footbeds or sockliners are removable, then take them out, so that they are washed better outside of the shoes. If you want to, you can remove the shoelaces in order to wash them separately too.

Place each shoe in a pillow case, along with the laces, inserts or sockliners.

To avoid your sneakers banging about your washing machine drum, you should add several old towels or other cloths.

Add the normal amount of washing detergent for a gentler or normal washing cycle.

It is a good idea to wash the laces with your white laundry, if they are white.

Turn the washing machine on and wait for the cycle to finish.

It is not recommended to dry your running shoes in the dryer, unless they have mesh uppers. And even if you decide to do so, make sure you dry them on a gentle drying cycle.

The safer way to dry your tennis shoes is to stuff them with newspaper, paper towels or kitchen roll paper and keep changing the paper until the shoes dry.

Leave the shoes outdoors to dry naturally. Placing them on a radiator or near another heat source can ruin and deform them.

Also, keep them from the direct sunlight, because bright sunlight will cause there colors to fade, and could actually cause them to shrink or change their shape.

Keeping your running shoes clean is important for your hygiene as well as to increase the time you will be able to wear them.