Superfeet Green vs Orange vs Blue Insoles

By Dimi | Tips

The different colors of the wide variety of Superfeet really means something and is not just a fashion statement. There are differences in the volumes and profiles of these different series of insoles. It is important to understand what the differing characteristics of the different colors are, so that you choose the perfect color and model of insoles to fit you and suit your needs.

For what arch type and what shoes are these made:

Overall, Superfeet provide excellent support, and come in a wide range of colors and types. Here are some of the main characteristics of the popular green, blue and orange Superfeet insoles:

SuperFeet Green Insoles

Superfeet green insoles are most suitable for people with medium to high arches. They provide maximum shock absorption and are perfect for running, work boots, hiking and other activities. Green Superfeet insoles are suitable for people with wide feet and medium to high arches. They offer maximum shock absorption to reduce the stress and pain in the feet and legs from running, walking or spending all day on foot on hard surfaces.

Superfeet Orange

Orange insoles by Superfeet are best suited for those of you with medium to high arches. They provide superb plush like cushioning.

Superfeet Blue

Superfeet blue insoles are of the medium volume and profile series. They take up lesser space and can be worn in tighter shoes and are great for people in with medium to low arches wearing dress shoes.

In conclusion

Both the green and orange series from the Superfeet insole lineup are of the high volume and high profile type. They are better suited for those of you with high arches. The blue ones are from the medium profile and volume type which is the better choice for athletes who have neutral or low arches.

The orange and green Superfeet insoles provide serious cushioning, but the additional padding requires that they are worn in roomier shoes. Blue ones can be worn in tighter shoes, as they require lesser space.

Even though the green and orange insoles are from the same high volume and profile category, the orange does provide more shock absorption to the forefoot, which makes them perfect for professional and beginners practicing high impact sports such as crossfit or who do other activities which cause a lot of pounding to the feet. The orange insoles though are with narrower heel cups than the green ones, so if you have wider feet and high or medium arches, you better pick the green type, and if you have high or medium arches and narrow feet try out the green series.

Of course, when picking the best insoles for you, it is recommended that you try them on first if you can. Make sure that your heel and ties fit perfectly comfortably in the heel cup. If it is too narrow, go up a letter size and try that one out.


Always keep in mind what your foot shape and gait type are when picking your new Superfeet or other insoles. Also, don’t forget to take into consideration the shoes you are going to wear them in and the activities you plan to engage in with those shoes.

Finding the right type of insole can make a huge difference for your comfort, performance, safety and overall health, so make sure you choose the perfect color Superfeet insoles when you go shopping for great alternatives to expensive orthotics.