How To Break-in Work Boots

By Dimi | Tips

break in work boots

Buying a brand new pair of work boots is always a great thing.  Unfortunately, breaking in these boots can be something of a challenge.  If these boots are not broken in properly, they can cause pain and discomfort when you first begin wearing them.  There are various ways of breaking in your work boots and each way is efficient.

One of the first methods of breaking in your work boots includes simply flexing the leather.  Work the new boots as much as you can.  While it will not fully break in your new work boots, this will help get the process started.

One thing that you can do that will be a little more thorough in breaking in your work boots would be to use a boot stretcher.  A shoe shaped piece of wood is placed inside the shoe.  If you leave the boot stretcher in for about 24 hours, this will go a long way in stretching out and wearing in your new work boots.

Similar to the boot stretcher is a leather shoe stretch spray or conditioner.  These sprays and conditioners will come with directions.  Follow these directions very closely.  This will produce similar results as the boot stretcher as long as you do what the directions say exactly.

While all of these various methods will produce satisfactory results, there is very little that is better for wearing in your work boots than the natural method.  This natural method involves you wearing the shoes with two pairs of very thick and high quality hiking socks.  The socks will serve two purposes.  They will help stretch out your work boots faster as well as giving your feet some additional protection.  While wearing the shoes and the hiking socks, walk around in the grass as much as possible.  Natural terrain is harsher on shoes and feet than concrete and will help wear your work boots in much faster.

Wearing in your work boots as quickly as possible is important to you and your feet.  If you do not break your work boots in, you are likely to have to deal with blisters and other similar sores.  Dealing with any kind of sores will be very detrimental to being productive at both your work life and any personal activities that you enjoy doing.  That is why breaking in your work boots is so very important to do as quickly as possible.

image credit: CreativeCommons Flickr/Robert