Powerstep vs Superfeet vs Spenco Insoles

By Dimi | Tips

There is a wide variety of excellent and affordable insoles on the market which are perfect for runners and other people who have the need of extra cushioning, support and added stability while running or walking. There are insoles which provide just that, and at a much lower price than the expensive orthotics.

Among the most common brands on the market are: Spenco, Powerstep and Superfeet.

If you are wondering which brand is the most suitable for you, we have some tips on what these insoles have in common and what the difference between them is.

What they have in common

Superfeet insoles are deigned and made like shells which outlines the arch and heel and provides stable support. These insoles keep the feet in position and thus ensure a perfect body alignment. They do have thin layer of foam on top of the shell for added comfort but provide little or no cushioning. So, Superfeet provide little or no cushioning, but excellent stability and support for the heels and arches, and are great for runners who need more support.

Powerstep insoles offer semi rigid foot and arch support via their shell-like form, similar to that of the Superfeet insoles. They provide medium heel support and no or very little cushioning, depending on the model you choose.

Spenco insoles offer both support and cushioning. There are various models of Spenco insoles available, some of which offer rigid arch support and minimal cushioning, others with total support and midfoot cushioning, little arch support and cushioning, and the Polysorb series have maximum padding and superb cushioning.

What all these brands of insoles have in common, is the fact that they are suitable for runners and other people who can do with some added support for the feet and arches and various levels of stability.


Even though Powerstep and Superfeet insoles are very similar because of the specific shell-like structure they have, and the fact that in most cases they provide little to no cushioning, there are certain differences between the two brands. Powerstep is made of a single piece of material and are narrower, while Superfeet is made of a ¾ piece which some runners prefer and find more comfortable.

For runners and other people who want additional cushioning, the obvious choice would be the Spenco insoles, because unlike Powerstep and Superfeet they offer moderate to plush like cushioning. The different Spenco insoles have different padding – either in the arch and midfoot area, the heel or forefoot. Certain models offer padding to the entire heel.


All of these brands are great for people suffering from plantar fasciitis, or runners with medium to high arches. While Spenco is usually suitable as a replacement insole for running shoes, some of the Superfeet models can be worn even with elegant dress shoes.

You should test the insoles in your running or crossfit shoes, and keep in mind that everybody has unique foot shape and gait, so you need to take these into consideration when picking the most comfortable insoles (e.g. if you are a crossfitter with flat feet you need different insoles from an office worker wearing pumps and having flat feet. As for these three brands – they are all excellent insole brands, affordable and of high quality, so whichever brand you choose, you will surely be satisfied.