How Much Do Steel Toe Work Boots Weigh?

By Dimi | Tips

Worried that your steel toe cap work boots will weigh too much?

If you are required by your employer to wear toe cap safety work boots at your job, you may be wondering which type of toe cap protection to choose? Different types of safety work shoes are tested and certified for resistance to different levels of impact from falling or rolling objects. This is why you need to choose your safety boots in accordance to the specific hazards at your workplace, and the weight and possible impact which can cause injuries to your toes and feet at the job.

Also, there is a difference in the materials used for the safety toe caps. The traditional material is steel. It is strong and provides excellent protection. Some newer options which are lighter but bigger in volume include: aluminum and composite toe caps. See what is the difference between composite toe and steel toe work boots.

If you want to go with the traditional steel toe cap option, you probably want to know how much the boots will weigh and will this affect your performance at work, your comfort as well as the fatigue in your feet and legs after a work day.

In general, steel toe cap work boots are heavy duty and sturdy footwear which offer a very high level of protection for the toes. They are still considered one of the top preferred and most useful PPE pieces of gear for dangerous industries, such as construction work and various heavy industries.

The reasons why the majority of people choose to wear steel toe work boots

Statistics show that the steel toe safety footwear is still the number one preferred type of safety work boot. The reasons behind this include:

  1. These boots offer reliable protection from falling, rolling or flying heavy objects
  2. They reduce the risk of suffering mild to serious foot injuries from falls, crushing, lacerations, punctures, sprains and other common work related injuries among people who work with heavy materials, tools and dangerous equipment.
  3. They are safe and yet provide the necessary comfort which is essential for the wellbeing and for the efficiency of the person wearing them. Of course, you need to make sure that you buy a pair of steel toe boots which fits your foot size, shape and type.
  4. Good quality steel toe work footwear can help minimize the fatigue. Modern safety work boots made by reputable manufacturers are designed and made in a way so as to provide maximum comfort, cushioning, support and shock absorption in order to reduce the fatigue and the risk of injuries due to the heavy impact on the feet from standing, working and walking on hard surfaces all day long. Good work boots will not only reduce and even eliminate the fatigue in the feet but can help alleviate any soreness in the legs and lower back at the end of the day as well.

Now that you have read about all the benefits, here is the answer to the question which you have most probably been asking yourself – How much do steel toe safety boots weigh? Keep in mind that the leading work boot manufacturers are constantly working on developing new innovative designs and materials for their footwear, in order to make it safer, more comfortable and lighter.

There is no one straight answer to the question – how much steel toe boots weigh, because it all depends on the type of boot, the model, the manufacturer, the size, etc. Steel toe boots with sturdy leather uppers tend to weigh more than those which are made of the lighter, synthetic new materials.

In order to find out if a pair of steel toe work boots is too heavy for you, it is always advisable that you go to the store and try the boots on. Go after work, if possible, because it is then that your feet are the biggest because of the swelling. Try both boots on and do some walking around the store to get a feeling of how comfortable they are, as well as whether they are too heavy for you. If you are ordering online, make sure that you check the weight of the boots with the dealer or producer before making your purchase.

In conclusion

Steel toe safety footwear is irreplaceable for a number of industries, and in many cases wearing such boots is a requirement for the employees. Some brands and models may be heavier than others, so make sure you take into consideration the risk levels at your job, as well as the type of work you do before picking the most suitable safety toe cap boots for yourself.