Most Comfortable Police Boots for Patrol or Academy

By Dimi | Men's

If you are working in the police force or in training for it, you already know how important it is to get the proper tactical boots, so that you can meet the requirements for your uniform, and at the same time feel comfortable and do your job properly.

There is a wide variety of boots on the market which are appropriate for people in the police. In general, they can be divided in two main types of footwear: on duty and academy boots.


Our Picks of Most Comfortable Police Boots in 2022

Matterhorn Corcoran 10inch
4.9 out of 5 stars
Danner Tachyon Gtx Duty
4.8 out of 5 stars
Danner Acadia
4.4 out of 5 stars
5.11 A.T.A.C. Storm Side Zip
4.6 out of 5 stars
Bates Durashock 8-inch
4.3 out of 5 stars
Bates GX-8 Boots for Patrol
4.7 out of 5 stars
BlackHawk Black Ops
4.1 out of 5 stars
Rocky Duty Modern Paraboot
4.5 out of 5 stars
Rothco Forced Entry Side Zip
4.2 out of 5 stars
Under Armour Speed Freek
4.7 out of 5 stars
*our rating is based on comfort, value and performance

Reviews of the best duty boots and best boots for police academy

Matterhorn Corcoran 10inch WP Insulated Field Boot

Corcoran 10inch by Matterhorn

This is one of our top picks for police duty and training in winter conditions. They are excellent winter duty boots – fully waterproof and nicely insulated, so your feet will stay warm and dry even in the coldest and wettest days. Here is what we like the most about this pair, and why we strongly recommend them:

  • Their uppers are made of the highest quality, waterproof full grain leather
  • Their GORE-TEX technology makes them breathable and waterproof
  • The Thinsulate insulation is 200 grams and will keep your feet warm and comfortable even in freezing conditions
  • They feature supportive and comfortable leather collars to keep your ankles safe from rolling and injuries
  • They can be resoled due to the sturdy Goodyear welt construction
  • They have removable insoles with moisture wicking and odor control features
  • They have supportive and flexible insoles for added comfort
  • They feature a nonmetallic (fiberglass) shank
  • Their polyurethane midsoles are excellent for shock absorption and comfortable cushioning
  • The Vibram Sierra outsoles provide superb traction
  • They feature an easy speed lacing system

One of the finest police winter boots. We highly recommend them because they are comfortable, durable, waterproof, provide sufficient cushioning and shock absorption, and will keep your feet and ankles safe even on the roughest terrains. They are slip resistant, breathable and with superb odor control. These boots are especially suitable if you work or train in cold and wet winter conditions.

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Danner Tachyon 8 Black Gtx Duty Boot

Tachyon by Danner

We were very impressed by the GTX Danner Duty as they seemed to feature all the characteristics we were looking for during the testing. These boots are especially suitable for police academy cadets, as they are easily shined. Overall, we recommend these tactical boots for police work and training due to the following characteristics:

  • The upper is very light and yet durable. It is made of a combination of high quality full grain leather and quick drying and sturdy 500 Denier nylon.
  • They feature a great waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX technology
  • The leather toe caps are very easy to polish
  • The Danner Tachyon outsoles provide superb traction for your safety and for a better performance in slippery conditions
  • They have an easy and highly efficient lacing system with brass hardware providing a comfortable and secure fit at all times

Great for academy cadets, as well as for on-duty police officers, these tactical boots are easy to shine, fully waterproof, breathable, comfortable, provide a secure fit and are slip resistant. They are lightweight and look great too.

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Danner Men’s Acadia

Acadia by Danner

Even though the Acadia are a bit on the heavy side, they still are one of the best police boots on the market. No wonder so many people working in the police force choose to wear this particular model of tactical boots from Danner. Here are some of the features worth mentioning:

  • They are easy to shine due to the great quality of the full grain leather caps and heels
  • The upper also features lightweight and breathable 1000 Denier nylon
  • They are resoleable and feature the sturdy Danner stitchdown construction
  • They are fully waterproof and breathable thanks to the GORE-TEX feature
  • The durable Vibram outsole provides superb slip resistance and shock absorption
  • The lace to toe feature allows for a secure and comfortable fit
  • They have a fiberglass shank for stability
  • They are very resistant to abrasions and scuff marks
  • They have comfortable orthotic insoles which provide great cushioning

Overall, the Acadia are very sturdy boots, which can be shined easily and are fully waterproof, breathable and slip resistant. Another one of our favorites and truly one of the best law enforcement boots one can get. They can be on the heavy side, but the comfort, shock absorption and superb fit they provide, as well as the fact that they can be resoled makes them perfect both for police academy and police duty.

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5.11 A.T.A.C. Storm 8-inch Side Zip Boot

A.T.A.C. Storm by 5.11

These tactical boots are perfect for police work as we as for the police academy due to the following characteristics:

  • Their high quality leather toe boxes are very easy to shine and polish
  • The upper has light, waterproof and easy to dry 1200 Denier nylon panels
  • They feature a durable triple stitch construction
  • They have a nonmetallic shank
  • They feature a Phylon midsole paired with a nicely cushioned insole
  • They have a useful hidden pocket
  • The side zipper allows for easy on and off and provides a nice fit
  • They are light and cushioned like sneakers and yet have the features of good quality tactical footwear

The ATACs are very light, require little or no break in, have sufficient cushioning and provide the necessary support to keep your feet and ankles safe when on duty or when training. They are easy to polish, and are waterproof, breathable and are fitted with anti-microbial and moisture wicking lining. The zipper makes them easy to slip on and off and allows maintaining optimal tightness and a nice fit at all times.

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Bates Durashock 8-inch

Durashock 8-inch by Bates

The Durashocks are perfect for police duty as well as for police academy training. They are comfortable, durable and allow for an excellent performance. Here are some of the features that impressed us the most:

  • The sturdy welt construction which makes them resoleable
  • The rubber outsole is very sturdy and slip resistant
  • The side zipper is strong and is completed with a comfortable Velcro strap for a better fit
  • The uppers are made of high quality and abrasion resistant leather combined with ballistic nylon which makes them water resistant, breathable and light
  • The fact that they have a great shock absorption technology
  • They require no break in time
  • The fact that they are sold with a 30 day comfort guarantee

Overall, if you are looking for great, durable and comfortable police boots, the Durashocks are definitely a model which you should consider buying. They are sturdy, made of high quality materials, have a stitched welt construction, they are water resistant, breathable and slip resistant, and require no break-in time.

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Bates GX-8 Boots for Patrol

GX-8 by Bates

We absolutely loved the GX-8 by Bates, and can strongly recommend them for people who work in the police, because they have all the characteristics we have been looking for, including:

  • Very comfortable, waterproof and light uppers made of high quality leather combined with a light synthetic material
  • The EVA midsoles offer superb cushioning and shock absorption to keep the feet safe from soreness, fatigue and injuries
  • The fact that these are almost as light as running shoes and yet are durable and reliable tactical boots
  • The outsoles are slip resistant and allow for a better and speedier performance even on slippery and wet surfaces
  • The side zipper is of good quality and is combined with a handy Velcro strap for a better and more comfortable fit

With this pair, your feet will feel comfortable, safe and rested even after a 12 hour shift or intensive training. They are durable and yet lightweight, they are nicely cushioned and provide excellent shock absorption and slip resistance. The zipper allows for easy on and off and provides a great fit.

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BlackHawk Black Ops

Black Ops by BlackHawk

These Black Ops are waterproof and extremely durable which makes them an excellent choice for on duty, patrol policemen. They cannot hold a shine though so if you are a police academy cadet who goes through a daily inspection, these are not the best choice. Anyway, these are great tactical boots due to the following:

  • The uppers are Cordura and high quality leather and are waterproof, sturdy and abrasion resistant
  • The PU midsoles provide comfortable cushioning and shock absorption
  • The outsoles are very durable and slip resistant
  • The easy to use lacing toggle adds to the superb fit and comfortable grip to keep the feet and ankles safe at all times
  • The lining is moisture wicking and adds to the overall comfort

Waterproof, durable, easy to lace up, with a moisture wicking lining and great shock absorption and slip resistance, these are definitely a great choice for on duty policemen.

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Rocky Duty Modern Paraboot

Modern Paraboot by Rocky Duty

The Paraboot is another tactical boot worth considering when looking for the perfect police academy boots. The main reason is that they allow for an easy and perfect shine, which means that you will achieve a DI acceptable shine without spending hours and hours polishing them. They are also great because:

  • The waterproof, durable uppers are made of polishable full grain leather and feature the patented cap toes which are easy to shine
  • The EVA footbed provides excellent cushioning and comfort, as well as shock absorption
  • The outsoles are made of sturdy rubber and have lugs ensuring slip resistance and a better and faster performance even in wet and slippery conditions
  • The durable and resoleable Goodyear welt construction
  • The side zipper which makes them easy to put on and off, and also keeps the tightness and nice fit of the boots consistent at all times, plus it is combined with a leather flap to keep the boots waterproof

Perfect for police academy cadets, the Paraboots are durable, waterproof, offer excellent slip resistance, cushioning and shock absorption. They are easy to slip on and off and can be shined to perfection. Plus, they are offered at an excellent price for the quality they provide.

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Rothco 8-inch Forced Entry Side Zip Tact Boot

Forced Entry Side Zip by Rothco

These boots from Rothco are another pair of tactical boots which are great for police academy trainees mainly due to the fact that they hold shine well. Plus, they are affordable and have the following great characteristics:

  • An upper made of combined full grain and action leather with an added pigskin leather collar which is very easy to polish and can hold the shine well
  • The outsole is slip resistant and will allow you to perform well even in slippery conditions
  • The lining is moisture wicking and adds to the comfort
  • The rust proof easy lacing system as well as a zipper for quick on and off
  • The steel shank

These excellent tactical boots are a great inexpensive choice for police academy cadets, as they are comfortable, durable, waterproof, provide stability and are slip resistant. They are slip resistant and are very easy to polish.

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Under Armour Speed Freek 7 Boots Black

Speed Freek y Under Armour

The Speed Freek TAC 2 are among the most comfortable boots which we tried on during the testing. We find that they are an excellent choice for police on duty boots, due to the following factors:

  • the uppers are made of water resistant, high quality leather combined with comfortable collars which are anatomically molded to keep your feet and ankles supported and comfy
  • the GORE-TEX lining adds to the comfort, as well as ensure that the boots are waterproof and yet breathable
  • the TPU heel cup adds to the support for the foot
  • They have an anti-fungal and anti-microbial sockliner to keep your feet fresh and healthy

These tactical boots provide superb comfort and support, they are water resistant and durable, and are a perfect choice for people who work in the police force and want to feel comfortable and supported during the long shifts on duty.

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Features to Consider when Shopping for the Most Comfortable Police Boots

When you are picking the most appropriate footwear for your police patrol or academy training, you need to keep in mind the following characteristics which are crucial for your safety, performance and comfort:

  • Choose boots which offer the best fit, always try on your new boots at the end of the work shift or training day, because that is when your feet will be swollen, so you will get a proper fit and avoid suffering from tight and ill-fitting boots after a long day at work.
  • Good police boots must provide proper foot and ankle stability. Your job involves a lot of walking and running on uneven terrains and through obstacles, so make sure that your ankles are protected from rolling and other injuries.
  • Always look for duty boots which have sufficient traction. Slip resistant and oil resistant outsoles are an excellent choice to make sure that you are standing safe on your feet and that you can perform at your best even in wet and slippery conditions.
  • Durability is another key factor. You want to invest wisely into a pair which will serve you well for as long as possible. So, choose higher quality boots made by reputable manufacturers and with good quality materials.
  • An easy lacing system with or without a zipper is crucial for easy on and off, and to ensure that your boot fits securely and comfortably.
  • Choose a pair with good cushioning and shock absorption. You will be thankful for this choice after spending long hours on your feet.
  • Water resistant feature is a must, especially when you work in rainy and wet conditions.
  • Breathability, odor control and anti-bacterial features are all a must. You want your feet to stay dry and fresh even after a 12 hour shift on the streets.
  • Choose a model which is presentable and meet the requirements of your department and academy. If you are a cadet, then getting boots which are easily polished will save you hours and hours of shinning and polishing.

Sub Heading: Other considerations

  • With or without zipper

If your department or academy allows boots with zippers, then you should probably consider getting a pair of tactical boots with side zippers alongside the lacing system. This feature allows for easy on and off, as well as saving time for regulating the tightness of your shoe via the lacing system every time you put them on.

Keep in mind that zippers are prone to breaking or failing, so if you are buying a pair of police boots with zippers make sure they are of good quality. Also, in some cases zippers can let water in the boots, so if you are looking for guaranteed water resistance, then you may want to stay away from zippers.

  • Lightweight or heavy duty

You can find a variety of tactical boots suitable for police academy and patrol. There are the hiking boot heavy duty ones, as well as lighter weight sneaker type tactical footwear. The heavy duty ones if they have a Goodyear welt construction can be resoled and are more durable than the lightweight footwear. On the other hand, lighter boots reduce the fatigue in the feet and legs and are more cushioned than the heavy duty hiking type. Also, lighter boots dry faster than the heavy ones.

We have tried on and tested a wide variety of different boots, and based on our tests and experience, have compiled a list of our 10 favorite boots for police duty and for police academy for you.